Jeanette Alford


Jeanette began her movement training as a dancer at an early age and has taught dance and creative movement for over twenty years. She moved to New York City from Ohio to study musical theatre performance at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and has performed in Off-Broadway and Regional theatre. When Jeanette stopped dancing full time, she turned to Pilates, received her certification through the Kane School of Core Integration and has taught at some of the top Pilates studios in New York City. Shortly after completing her certification, Jeanette created Self Centered Pilates, LLC which specialized in in-home Pilates sessions in the NYC metro area. Prior to creating Self Centered Pilates, Jeanette worked as a licensed real estate agent for Sotheby’s International Realty, partnering with the top agent in the Manhattan office.

In her dance career, Jeanette saw first-hand the benefits of Pilates not only for strength and flexibility but for rehabilitation as well. Jeanette’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics allows her to build a workout around the needs and goals of the individual. She trains a wide range of clients including recreational and professional cyclists, runners, dancers, pre and postnatal women, rehab clients, and anyone desiring increased fitness. 


Surreyya Hada


Surreyya Hada was born in Chicago, raised in Texas and relocated to the Bay Area in the 1990s.  Her first encounter with Pilates was via progressively minded physical therapy practice in Marin, CA after surgery for a major soccer related knee injury (ACL, MCL and LCL replacement).  As a dancer, athlete, and all around fitness junkie, Pilates totally rocked her fitness world.

Surreyya completed her certifications through IM=X Pilates of New York, NY, Balanced Body University in Lafayette, CA, and Turning Point in Walnut Creek, CA.   Her specialties are sports and dance related injuries as well as joint recovery/range of motion and hip/knee replacement.  Surreyya received her AA and Dance Major Certification through the Izzy (Isadora Duncan) award winning City College of San Francisco. She also holds certificates in TRX, Zumba, Spin and African and Contemporary Dance. She also holds a Guinness Book World Record in Roller Skating.

A lifelong dancer and performer, Surreyya teaches and dances throughout the bay area and has performed and taught in Iceland, Japan, and throughout the USA.  She is currently enrolled in Saint Mary's LEAP program in Moraga, CA, and is working towards her MA in Dance.

Kendra Rosenthal


Kendra Rosenthal first discovered Pilates as a competitive diver in college. After her collegiate diving career was finished, she continued her Pilates studies, completing a comprehensive year long classically-based program at Absolution in West Hollywood, CA. Both of Kendra’s master instructors were trained by Romana Kryzanowska, one of only a handful of remaining Pilates protégé’s that trained with Mr. Pilates himself in the early part of the 20th century. Kendra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Athletic training, and was certified as an Athletic Trainer (a profession that deals with the prevention and care of athletic injuries) in 1999. She went on to receive her Master of Arts degree in Sport and Fitness Management from the University of San Francisco in 2003. After spending the last 9 years in Phoenix developing and running two successful Pilates and ballet-barre conditioning studios, Kendra returns to her native Marin county to continue her lifelong passion and love of kinesiology, physical fitness, and injury prevention, which has allowed her to develop a keen eye when working with her students.

Sidney Tarlow


My addiction to Pilates began when my body decided to stage a coup d'etat. I have always been a very active body, but once I hit fifty, no matter what the attempt at a workout, I inevitably sustained an injury. I became obsessed with problem-solving this immense obstacle. I decided maybe a DVD or two trying different disciplines might end my misery. Much to my delight, I came across a Pilates DVD which changed my life, quite literally. I finally found a safe and joyful way to move again, in a way that I had never felt before. This was nirvana as far as I was concerned. I was so thrilled with this new found freedom that I decided to actually take a class. I began taking mat classes at a local studio.  Within a 2 week period, I succumbed; I was officially addicted! Soon thereafter I realized this was my path. My aim is to connect with folks who feel stuck. I want to teach them how to move through things metaphorically and literally.

I am thrilled to report that I am now teaching this miraculous method.  I have completely fallen head over heals for this system, my beautiful clients, and my own body. It's like those dreams when you're flying. By the way, I'm having allot more of those these days.